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We understood the enterprise development, we are business-oriented professionals, and we know that people are the key. That is why we go in depth in the essence of companies through their challenge, their culture, their ability to learn from mistakes and their will to thrive.

<span>Inmaculada</span><br/>Rodríguez Cuervo

Rodríguez Cuervo

Founder, CEO and Mentor.

Lego® Serious Play® and Visual Thinking Facilitator. Specialist in Coaching and Team Coaching (ORSC®). Graduated in Biology (UCM). Master in Commercial Management and marketing (ESIC). Master in SME Internationalization (UVigo). High Direction Program (Business School of Caixanova). Experience in General Management as Counselor and Social Auditor. Ex – vicepresident of Galician Parliament.

<span>Tania</span><br/>Vilariño Esteves

Vilariño Esteves

Emotional Trainer

Visual Thinking Facilitator and Corporative Communication Technician. Graduated in Economics (UDC). Postgraduate in Emotional Education and Educational Coaching (UDC). Specialist in Emotional Intelligence in business management. Soft Skills and cyberbullying. Certified in creation and Management of Enterprises and Community Manager.

<span>Alejandra</span><br/>Regueira Iglesias

Regueira Iglesias

Conflicts Manager

Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator. Graduated in Law (UDC). Master in mediation (USC). Postgraduated in Direction of HHRR (UDC). Practitioner in PNL by Institute of Human Potential. Specialist in Conflicts solvation and mediation process and negotiation. Experience in Direction of HHRR, facilitator in Conflict Resolution and Organizations, and mediator in prosecution procedures and extra prosecution.

<span>Inmaculada</span><br/>Rodríguez Cuervo

Del Castillo Llamosas

Ideas and Processes creator

Expert in Quality, Environment and CSR Systems. Labour Risks Prevention Technician. Graduate in Environmental Sciences (UVigo). Master on Environmental Engineering (USC). phD researcher in Chemical and Environmental Engineering (USC).

Our partners

We count with a group of companies and professionals as collaborators, performing a solid and experienced network to enrich all our projects.

<span>Inmaculada</span><br/>Rodríguez Cuervo

Windone advisors

<span>Tania</span><br/>Vilariño Esteves


<span>Alejandra</span><br/>Regueira Iglesias

Dynamic Sinergy

<span>Alexandra</span><br/>Del Castillo Llamosas

RSC Galicia

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