Herramientas y metodología

Tested methodologies which work as a shortcut towards the company objectives: fast development of abilities, troubleshooting and planning very specific actions.

Coaching and

To improve self-performance in order to achieve the best company results.

Team building · Leadership · Soft skills · Sales · Change management · Politics · Family business and Innovation.


It is a tool to watch, to listen and to understand the environment through drawing and words facilitating communication and sharing values.

Serious Play®

Methodology designed to build teams, identify goals and to discover new strategies in order to build up project solutions, plans, shared strategies, building them with Lego bricks.

Organization and
Relationship System
Coaching (ORSC®)

Integrating different high impact dynamics, all based on Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence. Developing a new model of Relational Intelligence.

Combining these techniques going beyond a sum effect; it becomes an exponential effect of the productivity.

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