Collaborative and participative dynamics to learn by doing aimed to boost wisdom to solve daily problems as well as complex dilemmas.


Providing skills to build up efficient teams.

Motivating team members.

Improving relationships and communication.

Empowering the emotions of the crew.

Unleash the creative skills.


Training sales team as trusted advisors for customers. Specially for BtoB.

Speading up the commercial cycle with a high impact methodology.

Increasing the knowledge that the company has about customer needs and pains.

The new role as digital sales representative.


Going in depth into self-knowledge and the conceptual basis of the Emotional Intelligence (Who am I? Who I want to be? How to handle my emotions and the others?) finding out a highest “self-consciousness” level”.

Learning about oneself our strengths and how to express our needs.

Develop a high level of resilience.


Supplying resources to prevent the conflict.

Analysing how to face conflict in the organization.

Offering tools as to manage effectively labour conflicts.

Providing resources to identify conflict’s origin.

Emotional manage and “auto-management” in conflict situations.


How to integrate digital transformation into company’s strategy.

Minimize digital divide between large and small enterprises.

Discovering new emerging market and business possibilities existing in technological environment.


As to create and relate teamwork with high performance, we organize participative activities designed tailored of client’s needs. Taking into account space and places usually surrounded by nature, far from daily routines, as to permit the employee to relax and generate different relationships with other work colleagues.

  • Team Building
  • Outdoor Training.

Being brave is not the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.

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